UNCTAD 14 Preparatory Committee (2nd Hearing with Civil Society)

26 May 2016
Room XXVI, Palais des Nations,
, Switzerland
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The Intergovernmental Preparatory Committee for UNCTAD 14 will hold the second preparatory hearings with with civil society and the private sector on 26 May 2016.

The objective of the hearing is to provide an opportunity for civil society organizations to exchange views with UNCTAD member States on issues relevant to the UNCTAD 14 theme and sub-themes.

UNCTAD 14 theme:
"From decision to action: moving towards an inclusive and equitable global economic environment for trade and development"

The outcome of the hearing will be finalized as a summary report of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference.

UNCTAD member States and civil society organizations that have observer status with UNCTAD or have been accredited to UNCTAD 14 and its preparatory process are encouraged to participate.

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